The best ukulele in the world has no value, if
you can’t hear it, can’t see it, or can’t play it!

The “Homemade Ukulele Project” presents different methods and approaches to make ukuleles. It is not the purpose to educate you in working procedures and in using machines. Therefore this documentation will not show any machine in action. You should be aware that there is always a risk to get hurt. If you don’t have enough experience in wood works, it is strongly recommended to work together with an experienced person. This presentation shows methods that were successfully used by experienced experts. If you craft an instrument, you do it on your own risk! RISA Musical Instruments will not take any responsibility.

Please read all the manuals of your machines carefully and follow the safety instructions. Electric machines can generate very high forces! You always have to clamp the working parts properly. It is very important that you protect your ears, your eyes and your fingers. Keep your working environment clean and in order. Think twice before you perform the next step. It will increase the quality of the result, and it will reduce the risk.


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