You should buy a case, or a gigbag for your ukulele, if it has a standard size and shape. I made some ukuleles with uncommon body shapes, or I combined a concert size neck with a soprano size body. It was always difficult to find cases for these instruments. My homemade ukulele with its side-mounted tuners also won’t fit a standard case. Someone who succeeded to handcraft a ukulele will find it easy to make a case.


Step 1: Cut the wood

  • Cut the wood. Cheap plywood works fine for a case.
  • Glue the body and the hood
  • Enforce the case body and hood with linings


Step 2: Glue leather on the case

  • Use carpet glue to glue plastic (artificial leather) on the body and hood


Step 3: Assembly

  • Assemble the case (joints, handle etc.). It makes sense to add some protection for the edges and corners.


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