Step 1: Glue neck

  • Glue the neck to the body. Make sure that the fretboard and the body top are parallel!
  • Clamp the neck for about 2 hours
  • Wait 48 hours before you string the ukulele


Step 2: Standard bridge

  • I used a standard bridge design for this ukulele. You can use the “Easy bridge” design, if you don’t have a router. Or you just buy a ukulele bridge in a luthier supply shop



Step 3: Glue bridge

  • Glue the bridge on the top
  • Clamp the bridge for about 2 hours. If you have a clamp, which goes through the sound-hole, then you don’t need to put pressure to the top. If you only have small clamps (see photo), then you have to tighten the clamps with care, otherwise your top could crack
  • Wait at least 48 hours before you put strings on your ukulele


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